Have you thought about the itinerary? You know the best place to eat Pad Thai;that monkeys can spread rabies; you were recommended the best Vietnamese coffee shop. There is something more important. Knowing the entry requirements for countries is a fundamental part in organizing any trip.
To avoid problems, read the following post:


This country does not require the visa to Argentine citizens in the tourism and business mode. For more information do click here


Argentine tourists staying less than 90 days do not need a visa but must present a yellow fever certificate, ticket out of Thailand and still valid passport for 6 months.  For more information do click here


You can transact online the visa in  or the form on arrival at the airport or border crossing if you arrive by land. We we’re going to do it when we get to the airport in Siem Reap. The requirements are: * Complete the application form that is delivered to the plane. * Passport valid for at least four months * ID photo (4×6 cm.) * Pay the fee of $ 25. More information: http: // www / faq.html

Important: Bring your own photo or they might charge you big money!


To enter it is necessary to process the visa from Argentina. First, visit the embassy where it will be the whole explanation of the process. It says to complete an application form online, but the link may not work, so call the embassy and they will tell you the following Web address: . There you will be able to complete the web form, which you must print in duplicate and send online to the Embassy. Then you go to the Embassy (September 11, 1442, CABA) with the printed and signed forms, two pictures 4x6cm from front, passport and pay the fee of USD 70. They will tell you when you should go to pick up your passport. The good thing about this process is that it is not personal, so someone else can go with your documentation.

The day presented documentation we experienced the Southeast Asia helpfulness. When the asked us what places we would visit, we were given a book about Hanoi.