Why do you do such a complicated journey?

Travel to Southeast Asia requires much planning: Hotel locations, see how to get from airport to accommodation, organizing our trips, what to eat in each city, what remedies out what vaccines you must be, languages, art of haggling, have Information of places before coming to these, there are more hundreds of Buddhist temples in Bangkok, which one should we visit? This is a pre-trip work (especially if you do not use a travel agency as a reference tool). Many people asked us (and still do) why not do a «normal» vacation? If you go to USA are easier and more comfortable, people told us. It’s the same? We think not, each destination is unmatched. 

We believe that travel planning is part of traveling. And the more effort prior further detail is the result of enjoyment (the more sacrifice sweeter the fruit, say) Never happened from a trip and find that out that you missed the best place to eat pizza in Rome or the best Canadian chivito of Montevideo? We are aware that Lonely Planet doesn’t have everything (not our Bible, much less). 
Important: organize a trip never took our capacity for wonder, on the contrary. 

Our biggest challenge is time. We made the mistake before of trying to cover as much as possible in one trip. Big mistake, but sometimes it is hard not to be tempted. It might have happened to you too to say «everything is so close» … 3 cities in six days… 

Then a trip is complicated? It depends on the desire. Perhaps now we need to face the challenge of diving into a completely different culture: from geography to religion. It is an opportunity to «open our minds». We are confident that this trip is not going to be one more, it will change the way we see life. 

«Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by what you did not do than by what you did.» Mark Twain